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Wilson awarded outstanding completion at HKU summer research program and HKUPS

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Mr. Wilson Wan Lap Yin, a third year undergraduate student recently participated in the 2021 HKU Summer Research Programme. This is the first time that this programme was held at HKU. The objectives of the programme are to attract research talent, strengthen HKU’s ties with international research institutions, and foster interdisciplinary interaction. The program targets top UG and master students who are interested in pursuing research career at HKU. Competition to enroll in this program was fierce. A total of 174 first-class applicants were interviewed and only 38 applicants were selected. Wilson was among the elite batch of students selected for the program.

Wilson worked directly with Dr Clarence Choi of the Department of Civil Engineering in the geohazards area. Wilson’s project was on the investigation of landslide growth mechanisms. During the eight-week program, he conducted unique flume experiments in the departmental lab and interpreted his data to come up with a new paradigm of entrainment theory whereby collisions from large rocks are responsible for the growth of landslides. On top of his research, he participated in workshops aimed at enhancing team building, presentation skills, research ethics, and technical writing.

At the completion of the summer programme, Wilson was one of only three engineering candidates and the only civil engineering one that received an outstanding completion award from the president of HKU, Professor Xiang Zhang, which includes a conditional offer for the prestigious HKU Presidential PhD Scholar Programme. This scholar program is the premier award for students with excellent academic standings and potential in high impact research. Wilson aims to continue his research in climate-driven landslide dynamics after completing his final year of undergraduate studies.

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